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EMU Student Emergency Fund

Fund will provide financial assistance to EMU students who are experiencing financial challenges.

Student Emergency Fund for the College of Education

Provides support for a student in the College of Education with a life-altering emergency that puts them in academic risk.

Student Emergency Fund for the College of Business

Provides support for students enrolled in the College of Business who have experienced a life-altering emergency that has put them at academic risk.

Eastern Athletic Fund

To be used for the most urgent needs of the athletic department on an annual basis as determined by the Athletic Director.

Swoop's Student Food Pantry Expendable Fund

Provides support for costs associated with food and toiletries to EMU students in need.

Windgate 3D Arts Complex

To support the construction of the Windgate 3D Arts Complex.

EMU Diversity Programming Fund

Provides support for diversity programming at EMU through training, conferences, campus speakers, and campus activities.

Library Enhancement and Innovation Fund

Provides funds to support programs and activities at the Halle Library.

McKenny Family Archives Endowed Fund*

Fund will provide support for internship opportunities in the EMU Archives.

College of Arts & Sciences Development Fund

Provides support for the College of Arts and Sciences.

GameAbove College of Engineering and Technology Endowment

Provides support for strategic initiatives in the GameAbove College of Engineering and Technology Endowment. 

School of Social Work Emergency Fund

Provides financial assistance to EMU School of Social Work students who are experiencing unforeseen challenges. 

Thanks to a generous donor, all gifts up to $2,500 will be matched dollar for dollar. 

EMU Fund

Provides support for the University’s greatest needs.

Symposium Advancement Fund

Provides support for the Undergraduate Symposium.

Genuine Eastern Michigan (GEM) Endowed Scholarship

Provides financial support to a student based off their scholarship, character, seriousness of purpose, and leadership potential.

International Student Emergency Fund

Provides emergency financial assistance for international students who hold and maintain a valid F-1 or J-1 student visa who can demonstrate financial hardship. 

Honors College Development

           Provides support for the Honors College.